The phrase necessitates a response as the wearer is asked to reflect on the character and behavior of the noble Prophet ‎ and question how he ‎ would respond to their given circumstance. This exercise can be replicated to every life instance - “is the action I’m about to do, the words I’m about to speak, situation I’m about to enter something the Prophet ‎ would do?” Acting as an instant check, the wearer’s conscious would confirm or deny their behavior to be aligned with that of the prophetic model. This constant reminder would over time purify the thoughts, words, and actions of an individual leading to a more wholesome, tranquil existence.


What We Do:

Part 1: We produce culturally relevant merchandise in an attempt to strengthen character and integrity of the community around us. We do everything with intention and try to focus on products that will inspire change within a person.


Part 2: A portion of our revenue goes to donations for the Muslims in need.

Why We Exist:

As most beginning stories go, one of us came across the idea to make the bracelets with the intention of raising money for our grandmother. We couldn’t foresee that the product we made and told a few friends would turn into a movement for personal accountability and communal pride.


When I’d wear the bracelet, I felt like an extra sense of responsibility was added to my shoulders. When I’d see it, it was a reminder to do good and question my actions. I thought it was only me. But when the first few people who wore them came up to me and told me they felt the same I knew this was something important…someone material that could serve as a symbol and actually benefit people.


Despite many personal setbacks and overcoming much self-doubt over the past few years, we remain persistent and are still here. Still spreading the reminders and still donating a large portion and all I can say is: Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds.