WWMD is a social enterprise that produces culturally relevant, purposeful, merchandise to be utilized for personal accountability and community building.

WWMD stands for “What Would Muhammad ‎ﷺ Do?”

The phrase necessitates a response as the wearer is asked to reflect on the character and behavior of the noble Prophet ‎ﷺ and question how he ‎ﷺ would respond to their given circumstance.

This exercise can be replicated to every life instance - “is the action I’m about to do, the words I’m about to speak, situation I’m about to enter something the Prophet ‎ﷺ would do?” Acting as an instant check, the wearer’s conscious would confirm or deny their behavior to be aligned with that of the prophetic model. This constant reminder would over time purify the thoughts, words, and actions of an individual leading to a more wholesome, tranquil existence.

We do not make assumptions upon what our beloved would do, we leave it to the believer to use the following products with their best knowledge.

To avoid individualized desires and disunity, these products and their colors are kept minimal. To serve not as a symbol of uniqueness, but togetherness.

Our supporters have gone around the world with their daily reminders to always strive for good and spread peace. Our goal is to have bracelets in every country on Earth to serve as reminders and symbols of solidarity. Please be sure to share with your friends!

We are so much stronger together than we are apart. Together, under one unified voice, we can bring a new wave of drive, leadership, and excellence into our generations of young Muslims.

Lastly, a portion of every purchase goes toward Sadaqa (Charity). That charity may change periodically, but as of right now it’s going toward this -> Palestine